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Cute Girl

Hello, its me again!

Its been a while, but heres everything you need to know for now about the upcoming change

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Why the change?

As I now work a lot more in my other job, I haven't been able to give my social media (i.e the main way to get orders) the attention it needs. As such, this means less orders, which is fine. But, it does mean that the cost of the website now makes a very significant dent into funds.

I have now had to make a choice, and with the cost as high as it is, the sensible thing is to get rid of my website plan, which is how I currently take orders. This plan is primarily to run the payment side of things.

What will this mean?

Essentially, the website should stay functional, it just won't have a payment system in place.

This means you will be able to view, plan e.c.t on the website, but you will have to contact me to make payments

What if I usually spread my order, e.g with Clearpay?

I'm looking into how this might work exactly, but I am always happy to set up paypal invoices to be paid over time, whenever works for you. The only difference would be that unfortunatly I wouldn't be able to dispatch until the payment plan was complete, as these other services pay upfront so you can recieve your order faster.


I'll try and answer more questions soon, but in the meantime you can always pop me an email at

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