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Our Story


Back in 2016 I discovered the world of insta shopping, and all the fabulous mums who run those little shops online.

One day I spotted some fabric and had an idea for a dress for my daughter. I had a simple sewing machine, no real idea what to do, and somehow this little dress worked. A few days later, I tried making a bib and that worked too. I toyed with the idea of having my own shop, and one day just took the plunge and started Rainbow and Dinosaur.

The name comes from my biggest inspiration, my kids. My eldest, the dinosaur lover, and my youngest, our rainbow baby.

Rainbow and Dinosaur started as bibs, with a tiny start up budget. For a long time I worked on a slow starter machine until I managed to upgrade in 2017.

A few months later I was finally able to purchase an overlocker and finally we could offer a full clothing range which was my dream all along!

All our clothes are produced in the UK, all cut, sewn and packaged by me out of my dining room.

We try to bring you bright, colourful fabrics, and complete control to customise your order.

We hope you love our clothes as much as we do!

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